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CIA using Afghan refugees to destabilize Balochistan

Written By Ali Awan on Saturday, 24 March 2012 | 08:13

Quetta: United States’ Central Intelligence Agency is using Afghan refugees in destabilizing Balochistan, alleged a former Pakistan minister and ruling Peoples Party member of National Assembly.
Pakistan should link restoration of NATO supply to Afghanistan via Pakistan with ending CIA involvement in Balochistan’s destabilizing activities, Mir Humayon Aziz Kurd said in an interview to a local daily.
Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan by area, is badly hit by lawlessness in the province with people of Punjab and Pushtoon origins are being killed to evacuate the province.
Humayon Kurd viewed that CIA was behind killing of Punjaib and Pushtoon people living in the area for decades.
“It is using Afghan refugees to kill them. The government should either send these refugees back or restrict them to their camps.”
He made an interesting note about Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, known for his witty remarks.
“His position is no more than a mayor of a small district. He has not authority and we accept that provincial government is entirely non-functional.”
PPP MNA termed former president Pervez Musharraf responsible for giving freehand to CIA and other US officials.
“They were allowed to move freely in the province and presently their direct interferences has acceded all limits.”
It may be pointed out that a bill is presented in US congress to support separation of Balochistan from Pakistan triggering a countrywide protest in Pakistan.
Presenting recommendations on bringing peace in the province, Humayon Kurd was of view to remove Frontier Constabulary inside the province.
“FC should be place on borders and not in civilian areas,” he said.
“All political forces should get united on Balochistan issue and I am hopeful that the problem could be resolved easily.”


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