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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) completed its successful tour of Quetta

Written By Ali Awan on Friday, 20 April 2012 | 09:50

QUETTA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) completed its successful tour of Quetta on Friday. Although rain poured constantly within Quetta, it did not discourage people from gathering at the Ayub Stadium. The ground was jam packed with PTI flags and the crowd roared the slogan “Jeway Pakistan”as soon as Imran Khan approached the podium.
Imran Khan started his speech by saying that he wanted to visit Balochistan in order talk to the people of Pakistan and by assuring them that their grievances would be taken care off once he gets elected.
While referring to the politicians of Balochistan, Imran Khan said “The situation of Balochistan can not be controlled by the incompetent politicians of Balochistan”. “According to NFC award Balochistan received 110 billion, where is it? The corrupt politicians have taken it away”. Imran added. With respect to the budget allocation Imran stated, “We promise the money, the resources of Balochistan would only be spent on the people of Balochistan”.
Talking about the military issue, Imran stated that military operation is not a solution to any problem, when the leaders of a country are incompetent; they call upon a military operation. He further addressed America’s incapability to draw something good from the Afghanistan war with respect to its failed military operation.
Talking about the missing person issue, Imran said that PTI was the first party in 2003 to raise their voice with respect to the missing person.
The PTI chief concluding his speech by mentioning that his party would make its way to Rawalpindi in the month of May and he, along with his party members, would arrange and address a grand public gathering in Rawalpindi.
He warned the politicians in Islamabad to get ready for the PTI tsunami by referring to them as “Pharaoh” and “Political Crocodiles”.


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