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Wayla Baba Extremely Funny Pakistani Punjabi Poetry Must Must See

Written By Ali Awan on Monday, 23 April 2012 | 05:33

When a person, almost crosses the age of 70, his children are grown up, then they(the children) tell their father, "Abba jee, (Father)there is no need for you to go to bazaar, stay at home and you don't have to do anything. You are free (of work) at the present". Now this "free of work" (person) tells his friends that (how) he is free of work!---Now see (for yourselves) that how he is free of work at his home! He says,
1) "(First)I beg mercy for my sins and fetch water for home,(also) take care of grandsons and granddaughters, I tell them to go to sleep, also sweep clean the house front, after getting tired, I go to bed, but (still it is consider that)I do not do anything in my house."
2) "When (ever) I return from my prayers, (from mosque), I hold the hands of my grandchildren and take them to play ground. When they are tired of playing, they ask me , " Babajee, let us go home and eat, I also feel dizzy because of starvation, the moment we reach home, my younger daughter in law (says in a joy), "Wao, my father has come, how your daughter(referring to herself) was waiting for you, may Allah give you a long life and you do not get a sun stroke, please do one favour to me, hurry up and go to city, bring some colour and you may have your meal when you come back." When I reached the city, I was confused, (because) the colour shop was not open yet. The moment shopkeeper opened his shop (with a key), I asked for the pink colour, after taking (buying) the colour I came home.
3) But I had barely stepped in (the house), My wife said,"From where my sweet heart has arrived? Who does not care about (my) heart (feelings), and (please) do not tell me your problems, (first) clear the mess ofbills! After that I will not tell you to do anything else, you may play cards as you may wish!" I left without eating and (decided) I will not come back home ever.
4) I sat back at the bank's column (because) there was a long queue there; some women were also there wearing perfumes. (I thought) if I could see some one of my age who knows me! At last one came to me and asked," You have not paid the bill UNCLE? Give your bill and money and you may leave for home now". He (the old man) says to her, "May Allah bless you with happiness, you may go to your in laws in a "Dolli" and you may play with you son in your lap, May Allah grant a long life to your life partner, (word HAANI is used for the same age fellow as well as sweet heart for women in Punjabi), Hence I will leave after I get the receipt (for the bill)."
5) When the bill was paid, I came home and my elder daughter-in-law said to me, "Abba Jee, I was (desperately) waiting for you! Your granddaughter has not come from school, go to school at once and return with her (right away)." When I returned home with granddaughter, her mother took her bag, kissed her and hugged her and handed over a burger to her, nobody took a notice of me. There was a cart in the lawn, I gathered the bed sheet and, I rolled back and forth to relax (for a moment). Everybody came to ask me, "Don't you have to go and bring (cooked) food?" My wife came near me and I grabbed her arm and she sat beside me,(and said)," let me say something as well, don't let it go away like this, there are grown up sons at home ,It seems you actions are that I punish you with shoes(Chitter). Everybody has treated me as a donkey but no one has bothered to offer me a cup of tea! Please give me something to eat; I admit that I do nothing at home!"


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