Blame game of PML (N) and PPP and Imran Khan

Abbottabad - Ahl Sunnat Wal Jamat's Annual Seerat Nabi (P.B.U.H) will be held today in Nawansher Ground

Battagram - PML (N) VP Amir Maqam visited Battagram on 29 April 2012

Islamabad - PPP's MPA belongs to Haripur Dr. Faiza Rasheed along with others protesting on supreme court decision against PM Gilani

Dreaming that PM should be in jail - Shiekh Rasheed

At one time 4 seasons in Pakistan - Snow, Rain and 43 Temperature

سزائے منٹ, PM Gilani and Etzaz Ahen funny conversation

Protests across the country by PPP against supreme court decision against PM Gilani

I will not resign on anyone's dictation, PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

President and PM of Pakistan both are Convicted should resign, Chauhdry Nisar

Rehman Malik is a IG of liars، Shahbaz Sharif (CM Punjab)

PPP did not wear bangles, Rahman Malik had finally burst (29 April 2012)

ANP called for Army Operation in Karachi - Haji Adeel (Vice President ANP)

Martyred SHO of Liyari Operation Fawad Khan buried in Peshawar - 29 April 2012

Karachi- 5 Killed, 20 Injured on 5th Day of Liyari Operation by CID Police (29 April 2012)

Liyari Operation - Policewomen take part in operation against criminals in Liyari in Karachi

Differences in PML (N) on Marvi Memon and Tariq Azeem's joining

112 Jashn-e-Hazara ends in Haripur with full pump and show

Youth is aware, no more way for politicians to make fool them, Ibrar Ul Haq

Government Aagey Chali - Parody Song in "Hum Sub Umeed Sey Hain" 28th April 2012

Hum Sub Umeed Sey Hain - 28th April 2012 "Political Burgers Bachay"

Imran Khan with Veena Malik - Funny Parody in "Hum Sab Ummed se hain 28 April 2012"

Munni Badnam hui - PM and President Special Dialogue (Geo News TV)

Latest about Liyari Operation by CID police 5 killed including SHO Civil Line

Karachi: CID Police Heavy Operation in Liyari against Gangwar mafia

Daily Mashriq - Largest Circulated Newspaper of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

Daily Azadi Swat - Urdu Newspaper Publishing from Swati and Islamabad

Daily Ausaf - Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Frencfurt, London)

Daily Asas - Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Muzaffarabad)

Daily Business Recorder - English Newspaper of Pakistan - Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

Daily Aaj - Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan (Peshawar, Abbottabad, Islamabad, Karachi)

Sialkot - A child born with 3 legs but still healthy

Seerat Nabi (P.B.U.H) and Istehkam Pakistan Conference will be on 1st May in Nawansher, Abbottabad

Tehreek Insaf Youth Convention will be today on 28th April in Abbottabad

Jamat Islami's Jalsa e Inqilab will be historical gathering of Hazara, Qazi Arshad

Girl with 3 hands born in Multan - Pakistan

Not accepting Gilani PM after supreme court decision, Nawaz

Supreme Court convict Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gilani

Next Government Should be ours, Zardari

PTI Abbottabad Leader Sardar Sher Bahadur, Sheraz Awan and other celebrating 16th Birthday of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf

Nawaz Sharif and Zardari cannot make fool to Pakistanis, Imran Khan

Hazara University rocked by sex scandal again

“Hatf 4 Shaheen 1A” ballistic missile test successful - A reply to Indian "Agni V" missile

Lahore Blast on Railway Station - Shahbaz Sharif CH Punjab Talking to Media

President Asif Zardari on Liyari situation - A stronghold of Peoples Party

Karachi Police arrest Serial Killer of Women - He kill women and make pieces of their dead bodies

Mother gives birth to a six-legged baby in Sukkur - Pakistan

Princess Flavia Air Hostess and victim of Bhoja Airline buried in Karachi

Bannu Jail's escaped prisoner Muhammad Hanif present himself to Islamabad Police

Funny ANP's KPK CM Ameer Haider Khan Hoti - Police Stations in Swat inauguration in Peshawar

Nawaz Sharif's 2 Nambri in 2008 Election - Imran Khan disclosed Nawaz Sharif

Wayla Baba Extremely Funny Pakistani Punjabi Poetry Must Must See

PTI Hazara Rejects Imran Khan's words for mourning over plane crash

Karachi - 2 Lady Dacoits arrested during robbery

2 Females arrest with dead body in Lahore - Can be a Murder

Shaheen Airline Passenger Plan Crash Landing - full report 22nd April 2012

India Banned Geographic Books - Kashmir Part of Pakistan

Khabar Nak - 22nd April 2012 (in one video) on Geo News TV

Imran Khan & Muhammad Ali Jinnah

India admits Kashmir Part of Pakistan - Breaking News of April

Imran Khan's beautiful reply to Nawaz Sharif - Nawaz is responsible for Baluchistan current crises

Shaheen Airline Passenger plane made emergency landing at Karachi airport

5 Bhoja Airline Crash victims of Mansehra burried in Batal

New Photos - 5 Family Members of Mansehra died in Bhoja Airline

Bhoja Air Crash's victim Saud burried in Abbottabad

Battagram - 5 tablighi Jamat workers Killed by own fellow's firing

Mansehra - 5 victims of Bhoja Air Crash buried in Battal

Bhoja Airline Crash - Al Jazeera English Report by Imtiaz Tayab Islamabad

Tehreek Insaf Full Coverage of Quetta Jalsa - Every Minute video

Passenger list of Bhoja Airline Plane crash

Nawaz Sharif expressing views over Bhoja Aircraft Crash

Bhoja Airline Passenger Late Habib Rehman Afridi - Family Views

Bhoja Airline Crash - Black Box Found from field in Islamabad

House Collapsed after Bhoja Airline Crash in Islamabad

Bhoja Airline Crash - Rehman Malik Interior Minister visited the spot

5 Person of Mansehra killed in Bhoja Airline Crash in Rawalpindi

Bhoja Aircraft Crash - Newly Wed couple killed - Sijjad Rizvi and Sania Abbas

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) completed its successful tour of Quetta

Pakistan plane crash: Live updates

Plane crash near Chaklala kills 127: Defence Ministry

Full Story - Bhoja Airline's aircraft crashed in Rawalpindi on 20th April 2012

Video - 127 feared dead in Rawalpindi plane crash

Live Updates : A plane crashed at the Koral Chowk on Islamabad Express Highway in Rawalpindi